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I'm Clare and I live in Malaysia ❤︎ 

I'm an aspiring Malaysian artist, a Libra, Kadazan, 90s baby, Godzilla lover and tarot reader. 


I never really know how to write pages like these so here are some art related things about me (you can find another version on my blog too haha):

 ❤︎ Been drawing since I was little

 ❤︎ I prefer digital drawing but I also like gouache and watercolour

 ❤︎ I've only ever finished one sketchbook in my life

 ❤︎ I like using the Prismacolor Colorerase pencils in blue for sketching

 ❤︎ I don't have any branded brushes (they all come from Aliexpress, Wish or Daiso)

 ❤︎ I am interested in film photography and have a bunch of vintage cameras including instant cameras

 ❤︎ My fave film camera is my Yashica FX Super 2000 that I got from a flea market


You can contact me through:


Email: [email protected]


Please do not call the contacts below, I will not entertain phone calls.

Telegram: @ortolanaart

Whatsapp: +601156402553


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